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June  2022 3
PROJECT: PC Control With Eye Movement For Physically Challenged
CIRCUIT IDEA: Milli-Ohm Meter With 0.1 To 1-Ohm Range
PROJECT: Object Detection Using Lidar Module
May  2022 3
PROJECT: Low-Cost Automation Using PIC16F676
PROJECT: First Ever Finger-Size Full-Touch E-Ink Phone
PROJECT: Smart SOS Device That Raises Alarm And Sends Location
April  2022 3
PROJECT: Make The World’s Smallest Laptop For Hacking And Everything Else
PROJECT: Home Automation Using Apple HomeKit And ESP8266
CIRCUIT IDEA: Weather Station With Device Control Using Touch-Screen Display
March  2022 5
PROJECT: Study Of Rectified Waveforms Using Arduino Uno
PROJECT: Design Of Interrupt Based Matrix Keypad Embedded-C Driver For A Microcontroller
PROJECT: Smart Switch Box For Electric Iron
PROJECT: Data Logging Using microSD And Raspberry Pi Pico
PROJECT: AI Camera For Tracking Suspicious Activities
February  2022 3
PROJECT: Wireless EMG Controlled Prosthetic Hand
PROJECT: Bluetooth Controlled Data Logger Robot For Soil Testing
PROJECT: Introduction To Raspberry Pi Pico By Making Noise Generator
January  2022 2
EMBEDDED: Mind-Controlled Prosthetic Arm
PROJECT: An Exhaust Fan That Switches On Automatically On Detecting Smoke