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November  2021 6
Make Your Own UV Sterilisation Box
Control Lights Through Thoughts Using EEG Based IoT Controller
Linear Speed Control For DC Motor
Smart Jacket For Social Distancing
Contactless Hand Sanitiser Dispensing System
A Handy Optical Wattmeter
October  2021 4
Simple Oxygen Concentrator You Can Assemble At Home
Smart Musical Bell That Identifies The Person
IoT Based Automated Table Lamp
IoT On The Eyes: To Control Home Appliances
September  2021 7
Auto Water Dispenser For Pets
Automatic LiFePO4 Cell Charger
Handheld Heart Rate Monitor
First Animal/Bird Language Translator Enabling You To Talk With Nature
4-Channel Touchless Switchboard For The Post Covid World
Talking LED Alarm Clock Using TM1637 LED Module
Measurement Of Low DC Voltages Using Laptop
August  2021 6
Nonstandard GPS Receiver Using ESP32
Digital Flow Meter For Water Pipes
Voice Activated Home Automation System For Bedridden Patients
Condensed Water Atomiser For Air-conditioners
Collect Speed Samples Data In Excel Format Using MATLAB
Smart Glass That Can Read Books
July  2021 5
Smart Door Camera With Facial Recognition And Thermal Screening
Temperature And Humidity Monitoring With Email And SMS Alerts
Remote Wireless Display Of Sensor Data
Digital Modulation Techniques Simulation Using MATLAB
Bluetooth Operated LED Desk Lamp
June  2021 6
Simple Millivolt Meter Using Arduino
LED Light For Bikes To Improve Visibility
Tricolour LED Nameplate With Arduino
GPS Based Dot-Matrix Display Clock
DC Motor RPM Display On Smartphone Using Arduino
Animal Classification With RPi Camera For Survey And Monitoring
May  2021 4
Milliamp Meter For 1mA To 100mA
Simple Air-Quality And Gas Monitor With Notifications On Phone And Email
Rail Track Temperature Monitoring System
Arduino Album That Shows Photographs One By One Automatically
April  2021 3
Voice Command Controlled Drone
Wireless Sensor Node(s) And Remote Data Receiver Using Arduino
Arduino Based Wireless Visitors Counter
March  2021 3
Fast-Moving Drone For Public Announcements
Dual Sharing Of Real Time Clock An Example
Group Messenger
February  2021 5
Automated Washroom Light Using IR Sensors
Appliances Control With Yoda Module And Arduino
Smart Agriculture Irrigation System
Android Application For Multi-Sensor Data Monitoring
Smart Drone With Real-Time Face Recognition
January  2021 3
Colour Identification Using TCS3200 Module
CAN Bus To Control Appliances On Any Floor Of A Building
Low-Cost Smart Agriculture System