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January  2022   Issue Vol. 54  No. 1 

OPERATIONS: Electronics Manufacturing Service Provider Is A Partner Not A Vendor
With the outsourced manufacturing becoming a norm in electronics product manufacturing, one of the key aspects that needs to be addressed is the choice of electronics manufacturing service (EMS) provider. When an OEM looks for outsourcing their manufacturing, deciding what to outsource is only 50% of the solution and the other 50% is to decide whom to outsource to. This step is always a challenge. One wrong move at this stage destroys the relationship with their client and the business for the OEMs

STARTUP: IoT Startups: How Crucial Is This Decade?
In the coming decade, IoT will be used extensively across the industries over the years to come. With increasing demand, the startups, which are the arteries of the ecosystem, have to cater to the demands of Industry 4.0 and deliver effective solutions that can last for years. This article discusses some of the important ingredients for a startup to be successful in the IoT sector
GROWTH: From Idea To Reality: An Unusual Journey
Have an idea that you want to implement? Hold on and read this article before you proceed any further. Your idea may be good but there are several other things you need to consider and do before you can ensure its proper implementation
STARTUP: Building An IoT Startup For Self-Reliant India
The IoT market has seen a burgeoning growth in the past couple of years, with estimates suggesting what could be a $20 billion market by 2024. Naturally, a lot of budding entrepreneurs are looking at the IoT market with great expectations. But what are the challenges that IoT startups would face in a self-reliant India?
OPPORTUNITY: The Semiconductor Industry Has Room For Everyone Whether Big Or Small
There has been more than enough talk around setting up a semiconductor manufacturing ecosystem in India but almost zero discussion on whether the small and medium sized companies can fit in or not. If these can fit in, what are the opportunities available, and what’s the best way to grab them!
OPPORTUNITY: How Batteries Manufacture Can Boost Businesses
Battery Tech Show 2021 Panel Discussion: Battery, a critical component, is not something novel for India as it already has a mature market for lead-acid batteries. Currently, India is import dependent for battery cells, and this calls for a robust domestic battery manufacturing infrastructure with focus on ecosystem development and conducive policy environment
MY STORY: “Life Is Not A Sprint, It Is A Marathon” — Manish Sharma, Chairman & CEO, Panasonic India and South Asia
He is followed by everyone in the electronics industry. He plays outstanding cricket and implements the learnings from the game into his leadership style. He headed Samsung’s R&D for TVs in India at the age of 29. His first job offer was a sum of consistency and perseverance that he showcased. He interviews India’s top political as well as non-political leaders. He writes about lessons from his life. He is currently leading Panasonic’s India and South Asia team from the front foot. This is Manish Sharma’s story as told to EFY’s Mukul Yudhveer Singh
FUTURE: Electrically Conductive Adhesives: The New Solders
Electrically conductive adhesives (ECAs) claim to possess many superior properties than the widely used traditional solders. With an increasing demand for electronic goods, this decade may see ECAs gradually establish themselves as the new solder
FUTURE: MicroLED Advantages And Hurdles In Their Production
Despite its tangible benefits, microLED manufacturing is still too costly and full of challenges. But do the benefits outweigh the investments? If so, how soon can we expect them in displays?
CAREER: Industry-Academia Gap Is Hurting Electronics Industry
The electronics industry has become a strategic sector with tremendous economic impact, but it is totally dependent on imports as of now. Despite blooming demand in the domestic market, India lags in manufacturing compared to other developed countries. How can this be resolved and what is the reason behind this? Let us find out
EMBEDDED: Should You Switch To Intel’s Latest Embedded Boards?
Embedded applications with smaller footprints and reduced power requirements, such as SMARC, Qseven, COM Express Compact/Mini, and Pico-ITX SBCs, get a boost with the launch of Intel’s latest batch of Elkhart Lake processors. Replacing the previous Apollo Lake generation, they not only provide increased processing performance with decreased power requirements for industrial IoT applications, but also enable true real-time operation by supporting real-time connectivity and real-time hypervisor technology
CIRCUIT: Protection Mechanisms For Batteries And Their Charging Systems
We take batteries for granted and often use them recklessly without taking care of them and their charging systems. This results in their shorter life and sometimes outright failure when we need them the most. The protection mechanisms described here could protect the batteries and their chargers even when these are misused
PROJECT: An Exhaust Fan That Switches On Automatically On Detecting Smoke
Normally exhaust fans installed in kitchens, including restaurant kitchens, keep running continuously—whether smoke is present or not. Here is how you can build a small electronic device that switches on the exhaust fan automatically only when there is smoke in the air. It switches the exhaust fan off when the smoke has been removed
EMBEDDED: Mind-Controlled Prosthetic Arm
At times, during multitasking, you would have wished to have more than two hands attached to your body, which you could control using your mind—just like you control your natural hands. But considering it as unrealistic, and only belonging to sci-fi movies, you would have immediately dismissed the idea. What if I tell you that it can actually be done? With the help of brain waves, you can now control any prosthetic or robotic hand. Imagine operating several of such artificial body parts with your thoughts. Isn’t it amazing?
PROJECT: Energy Saver Circuit For Two Heat Convectors
Use of a room heater at night in winters can cause sleepless nights, dry skin, and allergy. Worse, it can prove a health hazard due to increase in level of carbon monoxide in the room. People with heart disease may get chest pain, and smokers with heart disease are at even greater risk
PROJECT: Set Up Your Own Weather Satellite Receiving Station
We are all familiar with the earth images of clouds and hurricanes taken from the earth-orbiting satellites in our daily weather forecasts. With the modern technology and internet connectivity, now a days, such images are accessible to any individual at the click of a button, or even through apps on mobile phones. However, such images are provided either by government agencies or commercial outlets that offer greater details for the weather forecasters
PROJECT: Supercapacitor-Powered Bicolour LED Night Lamp
You can make a bicolour LED night lamp powered by a supercapacitor that is based on joule thief circuit for charging the supercapacitor. Most night lamps go off when AC mains power fails. This night lamp works even when there is power outage. When fully charged, the supercapacitor can drive the LED light for long hours and even days
CIRCUIT IDEA: Portable 15-Watt PA System With Battery Management
Many mini electronic modules are available in the market for providing quick plug-and-play solutions. We can use some of these modules to make a low-cost, portable, 15W public address (PA) system that includes a battery management system (BMS)
Key Industry Trends That Can Shape The Future Of Your Business
Tech News: Technology Updates
• A drone that can fly without wings
• Plastic scanner that simplifies plastic recycling
• Salt-grain size camera captures high-quality images
• AI-designed self-replicating living robots created
• First quantum processor that no computer can match
Industry News: Industry Updates
• Package worth Rs 760 billion being offered
for chip industry
• Defence minister urges MSMEs to invest in India’s defence sector
• Niti Aayog CEO urges not to repeat past mistakes in EV market
• Government allocates budget for chip design related activities
• India’s electronics production reaches all-time high
• Three Indian states in race to bag Tata’s semiconductor OSAT unit
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January 2022
Issue Vol. 54 No. 1

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