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December  2023   Issue Vol. 55  No. 12 

SECURITY: Are You Being Spied On Through Your Security Cameras?
Your surveillance camera sees everything. Have you secured these pervasive systems, or are you still unaware of who sees what your camera sees?

MARKET: The Drone Revolution: From Flying Cameras To Industry Transformers
In championing drone innovation, the Indian government mandates robust cybersecurity measures, push for innovation, and a future dominated by these aerial marvels
INTERVIEW: “Atal Tinkering Labs Contribute To A Skilled Workforce For India’s Electronics Manufacturing Aspirations” — Suman Pandit, Young Professional, Atal Innovation Mission, Niti Aayog
Established in 2016 under the Atal Innovation Mission, Atal Tinkering Labs have played a pivotal role in nurturing STEM interests among students in India. EFY’s Yashasvini Razdan recently spoke with Suman Pandit, Young Professional, Atal Innovation Mission, Niti Aayog to delve into the impact of these labs over the past seven years
GROWTH: Market Positioning: Beyond Buzzwords
In a world of imitations, strive for authenticity, connect genuinely, and adapt; that’s the essence of crafting a unique, lasting market position. To evolve authentically and emphasise value, here’s how to embrace the long game...
TRENDS: Ioniq 5 To BMW i4: An Informed Look At Luxury EVs Available In India
The world of electric cars available in India is not crowded, yet confusing. We hope that this infographic on electric cars priced between 3.5 million and 10 million rupees will help you take an informed decision. Please keep in consideration that the number of EVs slated to be launched in the country will only increase from here, and we at MOVES and EFY will do our best to help you make wise decisions
TRENDS: Deep Dive Into Underwater Optical Communication–A Comprehensive Overview
A groundbreaking discovery paving the way for high-speed data transmission beneath the waves, eliminating the limitations of acoustic methods!
TRENDS: Electrifying Shift In Automotive Display Evolution
The future of automotive displays depends on heads-up displays advancements, the promise of immersive 3D experiences, and the unexpected regions leading these groundbreaking innovations
TRENDS: Artificial Intelligence: 2024 And Beyond
Brew it slowly, with a good measure of safety and ethics, to ward off bitterness and bring out the best flavour, say experts and world leaders
FUTURE: DRAMs: Technology And Beyond
DDR5, the fifth-gen DRAM, demands digital-analogue finesse in its MC and DDR PHY. Unique timings, coupled with emerging tech like 3D XPoint, MRAM, and ReRAM, mark a paradigm shift
FUTURE: Quantum Sensors: The New Era
Quantum sensors—masters of precision, exist in multiple states simultaneously using superposition and entanglement, guided by laser light for meticulous control. They are now finding wide-ranging applications
CIRCUIT: Interesting Reference Designs Of E-Fuse
CHIPS: More-Than-Moore SoC: RISC-V, Chiplets, And Heterogeneous Integration
Ride the More-than-Moore wave! Established CPU and GPU giants are already on board, but it is the emerging startups leveraging RISC-V, chiplets, and heterogeneous integration that hold the key to a future of unparalleled AI-friendly SoC development
CIRCUIT IDEA: Smoke Alarm Made With UM3562
This smoke alarm made using UM3562 sound generator can help maintain smoke-free environment in apartments, offices, factories, restaurants, hospitals, etc. In this article, we’ll explore the workings of this circuit and how to build it
PROJECT: Counter With Overload Alarm For Child Safety In 40-Seater Buses
Child safety is a paramount concern, but, unfortunately, India has one of the highest rates of child fatalities related to transportation incidents. Shockingly, 19 out of every 100,000 children in India fall victim to such accidents. A staggering 41% of child deaths in the country can be attributed to these transportation mishaps
PROJECT: Watchbot Intruder Detection Using Pi Camera And Video Storage With Telegram Bot
Vigilance of remote locations on your mobile is an assurance for many individuals across the globe. In our last article, we shared information about intrusion detection using a PIR sensor and how to store captured images on Firebase, an open source Google Cloud tool. This time, we have included video storage using the Telegram app
PROJECT: Millet Cooker: An Electric Slow Cooker
In 2023, we celebrate the International Year of Millets, honouring the nutritional richness and versatility of millets, such as Foxtail, Barnyard, Kodo, Little, and Brown-top varieties. These grains are known for their high dietary fibre content and diverse nutrient profiles. To harness their benefits fully, it is vital to ensure minimal nutrient loss during cooking while achieving the desired softness for easy digestion
CIRCUIT IDEA: Emergency Light Cum Advertising Display Board
The electronics circuit presented here serves as both an emergency light as well as an advertising display board. It relies on a 12-volt, 1.3Ah DC battery for power backup, ensuring more than two hours of illumination after a mains power outage
PROJECT: Implantable Chips (Part 1): Animal Identification And Data Tracking Device
In zoos, prisons, animal-based parks, and pet houses with snake breeding tanks, efficient tracking and management are imperative. Visual identification by human eyes is often impractical due to the similar appearances of animals. AI image processing is also challenging due to their identical looks. Therefore, the need arises for an implantable tracking system involving chips to facilitate identification and data retrieval, including health conditions, age, species type, origin, and other relevant information
Startups & Innovators
• A 100cc Equivalent Electric Motorcycle Equipped With Rare Earth Free Magnet
• “We Aspire To Be The First Choice For Companies Seeking To Transition To RISC-V”
• This EV Motor Works Without Rare Earth Metals, Says Tata Elxsi
Key Industry Trends That Can Shape The Future Of Your Business
Truly Innovative Electronics
Amongst numerous press releases of new products received by us, these are the ones we found worthy of the title Truly Innovative Electronics
Research & Innovation Updates
• A sensor technology detects electromagnetic interference in EV
• Solid-state breakthrough for safer EV batteries
• LithiumSulfur battery promises 5 times more capacity
• A battery recycling method harnessing natural acids
• Wearable pressure sensor for postural deformity monitoring
Industry News: Industry Updates
• Wardwizard to invest Rs 20 billion in Gujarat to develop EV ancillary cluster
• US, India partner to boost e-mobility adoption
• Govt urges Korean investors to capitalise on remaining 80% of unused chip PLI funds
• India considers 5-year tax breaks for EV imports to attract Tesla
• MeitY, STPI, TiE Delhi-NCR partner to support tech startups
New Products
• Components & Chips
• Embedded
• Test & Measurement
• Manufacturing Equipment

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December 2023
Issue Vol. 55 No. 12

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