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November  2021   Issue Vol. 53  No. 11 

THE FUTURE: Brain-To-Brain Communication: Now A Reality
Soldiers able to communicate silently could change the face of warfare on the ground, and perhaps the mind reading technology could prove to be more dangerous than the nuclear bomb

CAREER: Building A Career In The IoT-Led World
With the booming success of IoT, how can you build a bright career in this field? What are the job roles available here? What skill-sets will help you make your mark? How far can veterans contribute in this field? The answers are all here
TECHNOLOGY: Quantum Technologies And Their Applications In Industry 4.0
The changes in the world each day are unlike anything humanity has ever encountered before in terms of size, breadth, and intricacy. With the revolution of Industry 4.0, how can quantum technologies find themselves to be a part of it? Chiranjeevi Aradhya, Senior Software Engineer at Collins Aerospace, Cedar Rapids, Iowa tells us how quantum technologies can be used
TRENDS: Tech Trends Shaping Micro-Mobility
The concept of micro-mobility was best displayed in Segway. As this field of innovation expands its borders to two-wheeler and three-wheeler options, will the market accept this change? What is the technology that’s driving them?
TRENDS: IoT Startups: India’s Ticket To Global Tech Dominance
India has been the torchbearer for a plethora of disruptions that rattled the world, be it the automotive revolution or the software era. With the rising popularity of IoT, will Indian startups be able to emerge as champions of the connected new world too?
TIPS: Fake Chips: Should Engineers Worry?
Fake components are a reality. Also, a hot and thriving business. So hot, these chips could get you fried (or fired?)
CIRCUITS: Electronic Circuits Have To Be Designed – Not Assembled
Now-a-days, designers tend to use off-the-shelf designs and software available on the Internet or from the vendors to design products requisitioned by their clients. While this may be unavoidable in certain circumstances, their rampant use without understanding the factors involved can land them In problem. Here are some important suggestions from a person who has seen it all for such designers
CIRCUITS: Emerging Energy Harvesting Techniques For Low-Power No-Battery Solutions
Ultra-low-power techniques are emerging for operation of devices without dependence on batteries. Will such emerging energy harvesting techniques be the key for sustaining low-power devices? Will the devices be feasible for their applications? If so, how?
STRATEGY: Companies Don’t Innovate; People Do
When you are hiring people, some characteristics are useful for particular roles and not for others. Knowing what to look for besides just the hard and soft skills is very important. The article describes the characteristics that tick people working in innovation. So, when you are hiring for innovation, these are the ones you should be looking for
MANUFACTURING: What’s Cognitive Manufacturing? Why Should It Matter To You?
Due to unavailability of time-critical information, challenges like operational efficiency and safety affect the productivity of employees and the overall industry of manufacturing. With its ability to organise massive amounts of data, AI based cognitive manufacturing systems are highly valuable. But how far would they solve problems? Would cognitive manufacturing be truly beneficial?
MY STORY: “Won’t Retire Until Semiconductor Manufacturing Starts In India” — Raja Manickam, CEO OSAT, Tata Electronics
It was one of those days when we were looking for answers to the semiconductor ecosystem in India. We had interacted with a US based Indian a few days back. He, in the process of setting up a power semiconductor product fab in the country, had shared his ideas on how India could have a complete ecosystem of semiconductor fabrication to services.
We put together his story and sent a thankyou note to him. In reply, he texted, “You must be happy, the Tatas are entering into the semiconductor game!” When we asked him whether he knew who was going to lead the semiconductors project for the Tata Group, he answered, “A gentleman who has dedicated his life to semiconductors and society.”
The gentleman is none other than Raja Manickam himself, who has worked with several semiconductor companies and founded one that was acquired by a corporate group. Not many professionals would know but he is also a trained army combat tank commander. This is Raja Manickam’s story as told to Mukul Yudhveer Singh, Business Editor, EFY
Tech News: Technology Updates
• Braille ‘display’ the visually-impaired can feel
• Secure communication for robots with blockchain
• Human body motions can now power devices
• Ultrathin, freely-folding QLED display developed
• Robot that locates and retrieves misplaced items
Industry News: Industry Updates
• Companies selected to receive PLI for telecom products
• Indian Space Association launched by prime minister
• IESA expects contribution of electronics to GDP to double
• Semiconductor fab in India likely within three to five years
• Record growth of open access solar installations in April-June quarter
Key Industry Trends That Can Shape The Future Of Your Business
Truly Innovative Tech
Amongst numerous press releases of new products received by us, these are the ones we found worthy of the title Truly Innovative Tech
Your Suggestions
Things You Wanted To Know!
Smart Jacket For Social Distancing
This smart social distancing jacket comes with a smart inbuilt alarm, hinting people around you to maintain distance in crowded places like malls, offices, schools, colleges, and hospitals. Here is its novel circuit that alerts people to maintain physical distance all around you
Contactless Hand Sanitiser Dispensing System
Hand sanitisation is important to stop spreading Covid-19 and other transmissible diseases. Even touching the container spout is unhygienic, so it is better to deploy an auto-dispenser to sanitise your hands without touching anything except the sanitising liquid. It can be useful especially for industrial units, workplaces, hospitals, and shopping centres, etc
Make Your Own UV Sterilisation Box
Due to coronavirus we are now used to alcohol based sanitisation liquids and sprays but what about disinfecting items like goggles, keys, mobile phone, watch, currency notes, laptop, courier packets, etc that we handle? A convenient solution for disinfecting such items is an ultraviolet (UV) sterilisation box that you can build yourself
Control Lights Through Thoughts Using EEG Based IoT Controller
Have you ever thought of controlling things with just your thoughts? Well, it is now possible! The idea for this project came while working on BioSecure project wherein a unique pattern was created using EEG and EMG signals to act as a unique password. This led to the development of a machine learning (ML) model that understood brain signals and thereby created unique patterns using our thoughts. For example, when thinking in a particular language, the ML model is able to read those thoughts and translate them
A Handy Optical Wattmeter
All residential and industrial units have energy meters that show energy consumed by the users. But the power (watts) is not shown by these meters, except by some new models
Linear Speed Control For DC Motor
Here is a simple, low-cost project to control the speed of a DC motor linearly for specific and precise applications. Normally, pulse-width modulation (PWM) is used for varying the speed of DC motors. When width of the pulse is fixed, the speed of motor remains the same, and when its width changes, the speed also changes

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November 2021
Issue Vol. 53 No. 11

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