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April  2024   Issue Vol. 56  No. 4 

GROWTH: Growth Opportunities Connected With The Growing Semicon Ecosystem In India
India must concentrate on electronics products and semiconductor components, as progress in one area reinforces the other. The country can unlock immense economic opportunities and enhance its global standing by aiming to capture a significant market share in these areas

TIPS: Nets For Electronics Design: Migrating From Amateur To Professional Designer
Nets are transforming electronics design! From messy wire connections to organised circuits, learn why professionals are making the switch
MY STORY: “Don’t Let Designations Become A Wild Goose Chase” — Bhanu Prakash Srivastava, CMD, Bharat Electronics Limited
In his childhood, he possessed just one sweater, meant to last through many winters. He could not join IIT Roorkee because the cost of a train ticket to Roorkee from his home town was “much more” than a train ticket to IT Banaras Hindu University (BHU). Bhanu Prakash Srivastava embraced postings that many others shied away from. Putting less emphasis on titles and more on the work itself, he now leads Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) with determination and vision. This is the story of Bhanu Prakash Srivastava, as recounted to EFY’s Mukul Yudhveer Singh
INNOVATIONS: UV/Vis Spectrophotometry: Game-Changer For Battery Tech
The exploration of ultraviolet/visible (UV/Vis) spectrophotometry within the realm of battery technology reveals its indispensable role in enhancing our understanding and management of battery health and efficiency
Key Industry Trends That Can Shape The Future Of Your Business
INTERVIEW: “Capitalise On ‘China Plus Two,’ Where Products With Higher Value Addition Become The Focus” — Ajai Chowdhry, Former HCL Co-founder
EPIC Foundation aims to transform India into an electronics hardware product nation by collaborating with governments, universities, design houses, and startups. In a conversation with EFY’s Yashasvini Razdan, the Foundation’s Chairman and Former HCL Co-founder Ajai Chowdhry advocates for SME-friendly incentive schemes and stresses on developing a VC ecosystem for hardware
MANUFACTURING: The Rise Of Advanced Pick-And-Place Technology In Modern Manufacturing
From the integration of cutting-edge AI and IoT to innovations in miniaturisation and vision systems, delve into the future where these machines streamline production processes and redefine the efficiency and adaptability of assembly lines across industries
INTERVIEW: “Our Indoor Solar Cells Help Indoor IoT Devices Work Well...” — Jonas Bergqvist, Chief Technology Officer, Epishine
Solar cells that work indoors? They have been in digital watches and calculators. But, this category seems to be undergoing a revolution now. Epishine, a Swedish firm, claims to enable a whole new set of indoor IoT devices powered by their organic solar cells. Electronics For You’s Nidhi Agarwal spoke to Jonas Bergqvist, Chief Technology Officer at Epishine, and here is what she found out...
INTERVIEW: “EV Industry’s In The Compounding Stage Of Battery Cell Technology” — Dr Yashodhan Pramod Gokhale, CTO, Battrix
As sodium-ion battery packs gain attention in India, does this spell a bleak future for lithium-ion batteries? Furthermore, where does hydrogen stand as a fuel cell and combustion fuel? Dr Yashodhan Pramod Gokhale, CTO of Battrix, weighs in
CIRCUIT IDEA: Multi-Purpose Wire-Loop Security System
This multi-purpose security system utilises wire loops to secure items. Wire loops can be employed in various ways for security applications such as luggage security, bike security, bicycle security, room security, and door security. A wire loop, when attached to security items and alarm mechanisms, detects and alerts in case of unauthorised attempts to tamper with the wire loop
PROJECT: Smart Water Serving Robot
With the advent of artificial intelligence, robots find application in various sectors such as industry, homes, bars, restaurants, events, agriculture, and even space. In light of the broad scope of robot applications, this smart water serving robot was developed. While there are several water-serving robots on the market, many are costly and complex in design and heavy in weight
PROJECT: Adding Location Tracking To The Wearable Interface Device
Here’s how you can add location tracking, without GPS, to the project for a smartwatch-like HID with keyboard and touchpad, which was published in March issue. Traditional GPS-based systems have limitations, especially indoors or in areas where signals are too weak or difficult to get due to obstructions
Startups & Innovators
• Tsuyo’s Innovative Motor Design Revolutionises Conventional Methods
• Startup Karkhana IO Reinventing The EMS Wheel In India
• Datoms Revolutionising OEMs With Smart And Connected Products
Research & Innovation Updates
• Lithium-metal batteries can double the EV range
• Vision sensors with expanded field of view for robots and drones
• Metamaterial enhances ultrasound imaging and non-destructive testing
• Inexpensive tag for identification and security applications
• Wearable technology for real-time emotion recognition
Industry News: Industry Updates
• Government approves three semiconductor plants; investment pegged at Rs 1260 billion
• Cabinet approves Rs 750 billion solar rooftop subsidy scheme
• New scheme to subsidise e2Ws, e3Ws post FAME II expiry
• UP approves Green Hydrogen Policy, Rs 50.45 billion incentives introduced
• Qualcomm doubles investment in India, plans to invest a billion dollars
• C-DAC and IBM collaborate to accelerate high-performance computing
CAREERS: Assistive AI: Semiconductor Design, Manufacture, And Workforce
Together, human intelligence and AI create a powerful synergy, highlighting the vital lesson for the semiconductor workforce: adapt to new technologies
INTERVIEW: “A Device That Enables Selling Unused Internet Data From Your Mobile Network” — Christophe Bureau, Board Member, DotDot
What if you could sell your remaining mobile data before the end of the month or even daily? Christophe Bureau, a Board Member of DotDot, in a conversation with EFY’s Mukul Yudhveer Singh, sheds light on what the Dot device offers beyond assisting users in selling their unused internet data
CIRCUIT: Interesting Reference Designs Of Smoke Detectors

SYSTEMS: The Transformative Power Of Software And Hardware Integration
The importance of fusion of software and hardware in reshaping industries, enhancing efficiency, and connecting businesses to their customers is more pronounced than ever
PROJECT: pH Measurement In Hydroponics System
The base setup for this system is located in a room with approximate dimensions of 9.29 square metre. The room is non-air conditioned and does not receive any direct sunlight. The proposed setup aims to evaluate the feasibility of utilising an electrode-based E201 BNC pH measurement sensor for assessing the pH of the water before and after the addition of liquid nutrients
PROJECT: Gadget For Dual Protection From Viruses
The Corona pandemic is over officially but its ill effects are still being seen, especially in crowded places like popular markets and malls. Besides, one needs to guard against new viruses and mutations of Corona
PROJECT: Shop Billing System Using A Thermal Printer
This shop billing system is a comprehensive solution aimed at streamlining transaction management within a retail environment. Combining Python for graphical user interface (GUI) functionality and Arduino for controlling a thermal printer (RP203), this innovative system enables users to input customer details, select items from an inventory, manage a cart, and seamlessly print bills. Key features include customer information input for personalised billing, inventory management with options for selecting items, specifying quantities, and choosing units of measurement
New Products
• Components & Chips
• Embedded
• Manufacturing Equipment
• Test & Measurement
BUSINESS: New EV Policy: Will It Kill More Than Two Birds With One Stone?
With China taking the lead in electric vehicle production and sales in many global markets, can India’s new electric vehicle manufacturing policy encourage champion brands to set up shop in India? Can this policy be the turning point for India’s automobile industry’s bid to go global?
INTERVIEW: “Nature-Inspired ADAS Algos Will Be Much Better Than Robotic Paradigm Algos” — Gagandeep Reehal, Co-Founder, CEO & CTO, Minus Zero
Most of the ADAS-enabled vehicles of today function on algorithms (algos) inspired by robots used in a logistics setup. Can ADAS algos inspired by the human brain and nature be better? In a conversation with EFY’s Mukul Yudhveer Singh, Gagandeep Reehal, Co-Founder, CEO & CTO, Minus Zero, illustrates this using the ‘sunset mistaken for red light’ example, shedding light on where India’s Minus Zero is headed!
COMPONENTS: The Importance Of Radiation Pattern Of An Antenna
Look beyond an antenna’s size and gain; its radiation pattern holds the key to its performance. Understanding this can unlock a whole new perspective on wireless communication
Truly Innovative Electronics
Amongst numerous press releases of new products received by us, these are the ones we found worthy of the title Truly Innovative Electronics
Electroons 2.0
Some stunning cartoons
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April 2024
Issue Vol. 56 No. 4

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