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August  2022   Issue Vol. 54  No. 8 

GROWTH: India’s Electronics Industry: How’s It Doing?
Supply-chain problems, lack of manpower, fluctuating dollar, and inflation are a few of the challenges being faced by India’s electronics industry. Increased demand, expanding customer base, and growth in indigenous manufacturing are some of the blessings for India’s electronics industry. So, how’s the sector actually doing? Has it recovered post-Covid or not?

From You
Your Suggestions and Things You Wanted To Know
INNOVATION: How We Can Innovate Better
Real innovation is becoming scarce day by day. It is being replaced by fund-raising celebrations. There is no dearth of problems or issues to be tackled; instead, most of them spend a large portion of funds on rebranding, marketing, and serving unsustainable claims
Open Source: The Open Source Wars
This article looks at how difference of opinion between developers and users of open source software has led to competitive battles, with some software emerging victorious and dominating over others
CAREER: Skills You Need For Becoming An Ethereum Blockchain Developer
Ethereum is a popular blockchain platform that offers quite a few lucrative job opportunities. This article will tell you what you need to be proficient in to become a developer for this platform
MY STORY: “Inquisitiveness To Explore Makes A Big Difference...” — Dr Aloknath De, FNAE, Executive Consulting Director, Samsung
There are many who aspire to hold prestigious positions at big corporate houses, but very few are willing to work hard enough for it. Such positions can be achieved by only those who love what they do. Dr Aloknath De is one of them. He calls himself a ‘missionpreneur.’ He refuses to box himself and loves to think out of the box. He does not become comfortable in a setting as he likes to do things outside his comfort zone. He has been Samsung India’s first CTO besides many more achievements to his credit. This is Dr Aloknath De’s story, as told to EFY’s Siddha Dhar
PROJECT: A Remote Without Battery That Can Work For Years
There is huge chemical waste being generated by billions of batteries used in remote controllers for electronic devices like TV sets, set-top boxes, air-conditioners, and even some ceiling fans now-a-days. The waste produced by their spent batteries keeps increasing annually
Download source code
Key Industry Trends That Can Shape The Future Of Your Business
Startups and Innovators
• Astrome For Telecom Infrastructure
• SimYog Technology
• SixSense AI Platform
• BoatLab Dynamics
Industry News: Industry Updates
• AI defence products launched by Rajnath Singh
• Government approves 314 proposals under M-SIPS scheme
• Karnataka invites investors to boost semiconductor sector
• Coimbatore to attract huge investments
• Neyveli welcomes an Atal Tinkering Lab
EMBEDDED: HarmonyOS: An Operating System Running Ahead Of Its Time
Every smart device today runs on some form an operating system (OS) but often some of the devices being used run on different OS. This makes it hard to integrate them and make the devices communicate with each other to accomplish a particular task. HarmonyOS brings this nuisance to an end while supplementing the overall user experience. Read on for further information on the subject
T&M: Things To Keep In Mind When Selecting An Oscilloscope
An oscilloscope is an indispensable tool for testing and analysis in a wide range of fields and applications. It is an essential instrument for anyone who designs, develops, or fixes electronic equipment. Therefore, it is imperative to be familiar with the ‘scope-jargon’ and be able to select the right one for your application
CIRCUIT IDEA: A Simple But Versatile Musical Horn
This simple musical horn can be used in a car, scooter, cycle, or motorbike, or even as a call-bell. It uses melody generator IC UM66 that generates a musical tone, which is amplified by IC LM386. The tone of the horn cannot, however, be changed as no potentiometer has been used to keep the circuit simple
PROJECT: API Server On ESP8266 Using MicroPython
MicroPython is similar to Python 3, but it is meant for microcontrollers. MicroPython comes with an interactive Read-Evaluate-Print-Loop (REPL), which is an amazing feature that allows us to connect to a microcontroller, execute code quickly without the need to compile or upload code, and gives immediate feedback. Also, most importantly, the community support available for it makes the use of this firmware easier
Download source code
CIRCUIT IDEA: A Simple Wireless Charger For Smartphones
Smartphone batteries need to be charged frequently, generally more than once a day. But their charging cables tend to get damaged after some time due to excessive use, which can be annoying—especially if they fail when these are needed the most. A wireless charger can be a convenient alternative; you simply set it up and forget it
Research & Innovation Updates
• Tiny artificial luminescent muscles developed that let flying bots to also converse
• Researchers are exploring behaviour of particles in shrinking microchip leads
• An electronic tongue that can identify chemical makeup of any liquid
• The new mechanism would help robots see in dark and carry out tasks
• Sound waves can now be controlled and modulated with a chip
Truly Innovative Electronics
Amongst numerous press releases of new products received by us, these are the ones we found worthy of the title Truly Innovative Electronics
TRENDS: India’s Anti-Satellite Programme: New Opportunities For Industry
Just imagine an Indian spy satellite intercepting enemy signal that indicates imminent land, sea, air and cyber-attacks on critical defence positions and installations. The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) holds an emergency four-way conference with ground, sea, and air commanders thousands of kilometres apart through a satellite phone. Low-orbiting surveillance satellites locate the enemy battle formations, radar installations, and missile pads. The army formations, combat aircraft, and nuclear submarines get into action using navigation and communication satellites. This was one of the scenarios played out in India’s first simulated space warfare exercise, IndSpaceEx, conducted recently by the Indian armed forces. The exercise provided all stakeholders a deep understanding of the emerging space security challenges to review the existing resources and plan appropriate defence capabilities and assets in space
CIRCUIT: Step-By Step Guide To Select Power MOSFETs
Metal oxide semiconducting field effect transistor, commonly known as MOSFET, is a voltage-controlled device that is normally used as a switch or amplifier. It is considered one of the most crucial electronic devices in bringing about the modern electronics revolution. This semiconducting switch finds application in a wide variety of operations, especially where power conversion takes place. However, a power MOSFET remains one of the most common causes of failure of high-power circuits like converters and inverters. Failure of a power MOSFET can be due to various reasons, but the most frequent is selection of a wrong power MOSFET for the application. This article covers the different types of MOSFETs and factors to consider while selecting a power MOSFET
New Products
• Components
• T&M Solutions
• Boards & Modules
• Enterprise Class
• Embedded
TRENDS: How Mobile Phones Have Evolved And Lead To Newer Innovations
It’s a pretty exciting time for mobile architecture since the world is currently struggling with the gradual decline of Moore’s Law. In his keynote address at the VLSI Design Conference 2022, Ken Wiseman (VP - Technology, Qualcomm) talked about mobile architecture, the existing challenges, and how the mobile architecture has led to newer innovations
TRENDS: Will Lithium-Air Batteries Replace Lithium-Ion Batteries In Electric Vehicles Soon?
The extremely high theoretical energy density of lithium-air batteries encourages researchers to develop commercially viable batteries. However, the gap between idea and reality is still big. The challenge lies in improving the cycling stability under complex superoxide/peroxide containing situations while keeping a good energy efficiency and rate capability. The batteries are undergoing high-speed development and admirable breakthrough in improving their electrochemical performance
CIRCUIT IDEA: Sinusoidal Signal Generator With Forward And Inverted Outputs
During the testing of audio systems and telephone-like systems, it is useful to have a sinusoidal signal generator that produces forward and inverted signals in the range of around 15Hz to 15kHz. Here is one possible way of making that signal generator
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September 2022
Issue Vol. 54 No. 9

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