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August  2023   Issue Vol. 55  No. 8 

TRENDS: Sodium-Ion Batteries: The Emerging Alternative To Lithium-Ion Batteries
Sodium-ion batteries (SIBs) are gaining attention as one of the most viable next-generation alternatives to lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) due to the abundance of material resources and low cost

TRENDS: How ADAS Equipped With Inertial Measurement Sensors Promotes Safe Driving
Want to drive safely? Discover how IMU-equipped ADAS systems are revolutionising vehicle safety and autonomy through advancements like sensor fusion and triple redundancy, shaping the future of driving for safer and smarter experiences
AI: Where The Problem Also Happens To Be The Solution
The sharp spike in interest and research in artificial intelligence (AI) is predominantly positive, but it is causing some scary fallouts, such as financial scams and plagiarism. Interestingly, AI also offers the means to prevent such frauds
CAREERS: Unleashing VLSI: Job Roles, Convergence With Embedded Systems, And Startups
From job roles to startup opportunities, let’s delve into the world of VLSI—where convergence meets innovation. Explore career prospects and discover the limitless possibilities of VLSI in shaping the future of technology
CIRCUIT: Interesting Reference Designs Of USB Chargers

UX: Unveiling The Power Of User Interface And Product Styling
From the art of styling to the importance of cultural sensitivity and technical requirements, we’ve explored the crucial role of user interface and product styling in shaping consumer perceptions and product success. Afterall, design is not just about looks; it’s about creating meaningful connections with people
CIRCUIT IDEA: Security Code Lock
The circuit described here is of an electronic combination lock. It opens only when you press four keys in the correct sequence (referred to as a code) out of a total of eight keys installed at your entrance door. If you press the wrong key sequence, the circuit resets and the lock will not open
CIRCUIT IDEA: Interval Timer
Often, we forget to switch off some of the electrical loads/devices in our houses/offices after their usage, especially those with short duration requirements such as bathroom/toilet exhaust fans and lights. This leads to wastage of electricity and increased bills
PROJECT: Does Your Smartwatch Emit UV Rays? UV Radiation Testing Device
UV rays are reputed to have versatile characteristics in various capacities. In the era of mobile screens, and the increasing popularity of smartwatches, many of us look at our smartwatches first thing in the morning. But are they safe? Do they emit UV rays that could harm our eyes
CIRCUIT IDEA: Cute Temperature Sensor
Modern electronics have evolved to a great extent today, encompassing computer science on one hand and information technology on the other. There is hardly any electronic project nowadays that does not involve the use of a microcontroller unit (MCU) or computer programming languages
PROJECT: VoiceGPT With Multilingual Facility
Earlier, we used the power of ChatGPT and converted it into VoiceGPT, making it the most advanced voice assistant that can talk. We ended the project with a promise to come up with a more advanced feature and release its next version. Today, we are excited to introduce the multilingual facility to our VoiceGPT
PROJECT: Automatic LPG Gas Leakage Detection And Protection
LPG (liquid petroleum gas) used in kitchen gas cylinders is a mixture of propane and butane in diverse composition. Even though LPG is important for use in kitchens at home/hotels/restaurants, and the public is usually alert while using it, but still some steps need to be introduced for safety
Research & Innovation Updates
• Soft, printable, metal-free electrodes for electronic implants
• Hyper-efficient solar panels: 1000x more powerful
• An energy-generation device turns vibrations into power
• An origami-based haptic device to enhance virtual reality experiences
• Can robots learn from videos
New Products
• Components
• Embedded
• Boards & Modules
• Test & Measurement
• Enterprise Solution
OPPORTUNITY: Medical Devices’ Manufacturing Opportunities And Challenges
By addressing regulatory concerns, enhancing supply chains, fostering R&D, and investing in infrastructure and skills, India can emerge as a global leader in medical devices’ manufacturing. The potential for exponential growth is within our reach
Startups & Innovators
As the world sees drinking water sources become scarce amid unprecedented climate changes, Bengaluru-based startup Uravu Labs is creating water out of thin air through renewable energy sources
TRENDS: The Connect Between Open Source And The Metaverse
This article looks at the relationship between the metaverse and open source. It outlines a few key areas where open source is playing a pivotal role in realising the full potential of the metaverse. It also explores the opportunity that this iteration of the internet and associated virtual spaces presents to reinvent open source
INTERVIEW: “Policies Such As Startup India Or Make-In-India Have Opened The Industry Doors For Electronics Graduates,” — Prof. Dinesh Girap, Head of Department, Electronics, PVP-SNDTWU
Established in 1916, SNDT Women’s University (SNDTWU) has been a pioneer in women’s education. The University set up the Premlila Vithaldas Polytechnic (PVP) in 1976, which offers a wide array of job-oriented technical and vocational courses related to administration, design, engineering, science, and paramedics. Yashasvini Razdan from Electronics For You spoke to Prof. Dinesh Girap, Head of Department, Electronics, PVP-SNDTWU, and got some very interesting details
Industry News: Industry Updates
• MeitY incentivises display glass manufacturing under new SPECS guidelines
• Tamil Nadu tops electronics exports with $5.37B in FY23
• Microchip pours $300M into expanding India Operations, inaugurates Hyderabad R&D Centre
• Tesla explores establishing auto parts chain in India, sparks renewed interest
• Chinese TCL, Resojet to set up $2.25 billion washing machine manufacturing unit in Telangana
INTERVIEW: “AI Processor Chiplets Enable Small Companies To Solve A Huge Problem By Breaking It Into Smaller Problems” — Jim Keller, CEO, Tenstorrent
Tenstorrent CEO Jim Keller believes that AI processors will continue to get bigger so that more people can participate and build high-performance AI models. Yashasvini Razdan from Electronics For You spoke to Keller to gain his views on the future of AI processors and RISC-V technology
TEAMS: Team Comes First... Maybe Not
The order of priorities may vary, but building a strong team is essential for the long-term success of any startup. By strategically navigating the product, funding, and team building journey, entrepreneurs can lay a solid foundation for growth. The author takes on this topic next in his ongoing series on business asset management
Key Industry Trends That Can Shape The Future Of Your Business
Truly Innovative Electronics
Amongst numerous press releases of new products received by us, these are the ones we found worthy of the title Truly Innovative Electronics
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June 2024
Issue Vol. 56 No. 6

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