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February  2023   Issue Vol. 55  No. 2 

Startups & Innovators
• Indigenising 5G Communication With Optimus Rhino 5G • Integrating Electronics With Fashion And Luxury • Adding The Edge In Embedded Edge Market With SiMa.ai

CIRCUIT: 5 Interesting Reference Designs
For Medical And Environment Sensing Applications
TREND: Hybrid PV And Thermoelectric Device To Harvest Solar Energy More Efficiently
Hybrid power devices are combinations of different power technologies. Hybrid power plants often contain a renewable energy component such as photovoltaic (PV) that is combined with wind power, thermoelectric power, solar thermal power, or a system like battery storage or solar thermal storage. Thermoelectric generators are semiconductor devices that have no moving parts and convert heat directly into electricity. When combined with thermal storage they can provide electricity round the clock at as low as $0.06 per kilowatt-hour and could achieve 16% efficiency. PV cells convert the UV and visible regions of the solar spectrum while the thermoelectric modules use the infrared region to produce electrical energy. Thus, combining both these systems in a hybrid system provides enhanced performance. While PV panels convert up to 20% of solar energy into electricity, the solar thermal collectors capitalise on the untapped heat energy of the PV system, thereby increasing the energy production efficiency while occupying less space
AUTOMATION: How IoT Can Make The Workplace Intelligent
It’s well-known that an intelligent workplace enhances employee productivity. The Internet of Things plays a big role in making a workplace smart and intelligent. Let’s see how
GROWTH: The Thing That Generates Cash-Flow
When a company lacks an asset, people become a bottleneck. The bottleneck very well could be the founder or the owner of that business. Bottleneck then becomes a cash-flow blocker and limits growth
CHIP: Accelerators For Cameras And Audio Applications
The immense pace at which the technology is witnessing advancements is also pushing both the software and hardware developers to implement these changes to remain in sync with time. Let us find out how that is shaping the future of cameras, audio applications, and IoT devices
TREND: Portable Power Stations: A New Breed Of Decentralised Energy Storage Products
Portable power stations (PPS) are a new breed of products that allow significant energy storage at the user end and also allow for its use in either AC or DC form. The PPS come in various shapes and sizes, from the small ones giving about 50Wh of energy to larger stations of up to 4kWh capacity
DESIGN: Ensuring Quality Product By Quality Function Deployment
This article describes how to get the framework on product requirements, basic design parameters, a conceptual clarity of various manufacturing processes required, and the quality assurance process. The final product design will, however, require further detailing. It will also require analysis of cost, technology, and business viability
PROJECT: Coal Mining Safety Robot To Monitor Environment And Stop Fires
The main objective of this project is to design a robot to detect toxic gases emitted in coal mines. It is used to detect the level of temperature and humidity inside a coal mine and to detect any fire inside the coal mine and extinguish it
Download source code
PROJECT: A Python Based GUI For AM Modulation
Amplitude modulation (AM) is a signal modulation technique that is widely used by radio stations for transmitting their programmes. This project proposes a Python GUI based simulator to study AM. A user can vary various parameters—such as modulation index, amplitude and frequency of modulating signal, and carrier signal—and observe the output. The project can be used to simulate the signal modulation by radio engineers for designing different carrier signals and their modulation and demodulation
Download source code
PROJECT: World’s First Programmable Smart Watch With Fitness Tracking
A smart watch monitors and tracks the wearer’s location and health data besides showing time and date. But it usually costs Rs 5,000 to 50,000 and is not programable. The smart watch suggested here can be made for less than Rs 2,000 and will perform all the basic smart watch functions. It can even be programmed for additional functions and customised according to your need to track, for instance, your blood oxygen percentage
Download source code
New Products
• Components
• Boards and Modules
• Embedded
• Test & Measurement
Industry News: Industry Updates
• Consumer electronics industry foresees double-digit growth in 2023
• Government to launch PLI scheme for high-end components
• New Digital Competition Act tabled in Parliament
• NRDC to do tech commercialisation for startups
• SMEV alleges misappro-priation of subsidies under FAME II scheme
• REIL awards contract for 253 EV chargers for highways
From You
Your Suggestions and Things You Wanted To Know
INTERVIEW: “The IoT Market Has The Potential For 50-60 Billion Units A Year In The Next Decade” — Matt Johnson, President and CEO, Silicon Labs
Silicon Labs has been expanding its footprint in India since the last couple of years. They recently announced a new (and a bigger) office for their India team. What’s driving this change in strategy? What are the plans for the future? Rahul Chopra, Editor, spoke to Matt Johnson, President and CEO, Silicon Labs and Manish Kothari, SVP and Head of India Center, to find out
TREND: How To Protect Against Credit And Debit Cards’ Hacking
This article is only for readers’ awareness and to keep them protected against phishing devices that are being used to copy and misuse credit and debit cards data. The possibility of hacking has increased with the recent use of contactless cards
OPPORTUNITY: Managing E-Waste Of EV Batteries: A Challenge As Well As Opportunity
Every challenge presents opportunities for new businesses and business tycoons. E-waste of EV batteries seems to be one such case
CIRCUIT IDEA: Power Supply For A Clock Using Supercapacitor And Small Solar Panels
Solar photovoltaic panels produce energy only while the Sun shines, but lighting is required mainly during night. So, the solar energy needs to be stored, which is now generally done through lithium-ion batteries
Truly Innovative Electronics
Amongst numerous press releases of new products received by us, these are the ones we found worthy of the title Truly Innovative Electronics
Research & Innovation Updates
• Deep belief neural network made based on silicon memristive synapses
• AI system learns concepts shared across video, audio, and text
• Design for AI engineering framework developed
• A watch that works only when attached organism is healthy
• Fusion reaction generates more energy than used to create it
PROJECT: ESP32 As Camera Webserver
This small-size programmable camera can start taking pictures when motion is detected and transmit real-time videos. It can be hidden easily for espionage work due to its tiny size
Download source code
Key Industry Trends That Can Shape The Future Of Your Business
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March 2024
Issue Vol. 56 No. 3

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