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January  2024   Issue Vol. 56  No. 1 

FUTURE: Tech That Will Thrive In 2024: AI And Beyond
Predicting technology is like forecasting the weather! Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Yet, like the brave weathermen, we shall do our bit to prepare you for what might be...

CIRCUIT: Interesting Reference Designs Of Cameras

PROJECT: IoT Fall Detection System Using MPU6050, ESP32, And Blynk—Safeguard Your Loved Ones!
Ideal for those seeking to enhance safety for loved ones or individuals at risk of falls, this IoT fall detection system provides a proactive solution. Explore the realm of IoT and its potential impact on our lives
New Launches
Launching of new products
INDUSTRY: Commercial EV Finance: Empowering Younger Companies To Drive Growth
While electric three-wheelers have emerged as the face of EV adoption in India, startups engaged in their retail need increased access to finance for scaling up. Will the market become more challenging for such startups as heavyweights like Mahindra, Piaggio, and Bajaj leverage their captive finance arms to offer financing options?
INTERVIEW: “EV Sector May Soon Be Designated As Priority Lending Sector” — Kartikey Hariyani, CEO Of Charge Point & TecSo Energy
While it is crystal clear that several commercial electric vehicle original equipment manufacturers (EV OEMs) face difficulties getting financing options for end consumers, is the situation similar in the charge point operator space? More importantly, is the finance problem for EV OEMs also affecting the charge point operator (CPO) business? Kartikey Hariyani in a conversation with the MOVES team shed light on the evolving EV charger ecosystem in India. He highlights that most CPOs, not just in India but globally, have yet to report profits. “In conclusion, while the ‘chicken or egg’ dilemma is often debated in the context of infrastructure and EV adoption, infrastructure must precede adoption. However, the speed at which this infrastructure is developed is paramount,” he says. Interesting excerpts from the interaction...
GROWTH: Entrepreneurs’ Crash Course For Strategic Visibility
The hustle for visibility is not just about speed, it is also about the right direction. Visibility demands strategic pacing. Assess, pivot if needed, and then sprint
GROWTH: AI Silicon Opportunity: Revolutionising Memory, Storage, Compute, And Networking
Grab a front-row seat to semiconductor pioneers shaping the future with AI-specific custom silicon chips
PROJECT: Personalised E-Paper Clock Using ESP32 Microcontroller
E-paper is continuously evolving. The day is not far when e-papers will replace the current OLED screens of mobiles and other handheld devices, resulting in significant reductions in power consumption and increased usage time
PROJECT: Implantable Chips (Part 2): Storing Data Inside Body
In the December 2023 issue of EFY, we explored the implantable chip-based data tracking system for animals. Now, let’s proceed to design a device that allows us to securely store sensitive data and passwords inside the body through the process of storing data within a tiny chip. It can be implanted in a way that only you can access your sensitive information. Many individuals choose to implant chips containing data they wish to keep private. This safeguards against loss or leaks, making implantable chips an increasingly popular choice
Key Industry Trends That Can Shape The Future Of Your Business
New Products
• Components & Chips
• Test & Measurement
• Embedded
• Manufacturing Equipment
• Enterprise Solutions
Electroons 2.0
Some stunning cartoons
Research & Innovation Updates
• Wearable ultrasound patch for advanced organ imaging
• Fast-charging lithium-ion batteries with graphite anodes
• Ingestible device to monitor conditions like sleep apnea
• Digital twin technology innovation for social good
• Sodium-ion batteries poised to transform clean energy
BUY: Above Rs 1 Cr EVs In India: Which One Would You Pick?
As you move up, it starts getting lonelier! The same seems to be true with the choices available in the above Rs 1 crore (10 million) electric vehicle segment in India. Here is a brief look with the stars we believe can help you make an informed decision. An informed look at super-luxury EVs available in India
Industry News: Industry Updates
• Government of India to update SPECS to Rs 100 billion scheme
• Maruti Suzuki to export lithium-ion cells worth Rs 10 billion
• Japan’s TDK to produce lithium-ion batteries in India
• Tata Group to invest Rs 400 billion for semiconductor processing facility in Assam
• Government officials under investigation for misappropriation of FAME II Subsidy funds
INTERVIEW: “For Precision Timing, MEMS Is The Horse To Bet On Technologically” — Piyush Sevalia, Executive Vice President of Marketing, SiTime Corp.
SiTime positions itself as a leader in precision timing devices, asserting that their MEMS devices surpass traditional Quartz counterparts. To understand why that matters and to whom, Yashasvini Razdan and Nitisha Dubey spoke to Piyush Sevalia, Executive Vice President of Marketing, SiTime Corporation. Here are key excerpts from their conversation...
TRENDS: What Digital Twins Bring To The Metaverse
The metaverse, where real life converges with the digital world, has given birth to many new age business models and use cases. Digital twins within the metaverse offer new ways of interacting with the real world. Let’s see how...
PROJECT: Joystick Control For Upto 5 Appliances For The Disabled
In the world of electronics and embedded systems, the use of a joystick and an Arduino Uno board has many possibilities for developing control systems, especially for disabled individuals with no hands. Creating a joystick with Arduino-based control for five applications can significantly improve the quality of life and independence of the disabled
PROJECT: International Space Station Tracker
The proposed International Space Station (ISS) tracker, powered by the NodeMCU board, uses LEDs and a buzzer to indicate real-time ISS position
Startups & Innovators
• Ottonomy’s Robots, At the World’s Service
• Filterless Ambient Air Purification System From ‘UMeAndUs’
• Predictive Crop Maintenance For Every Fyllo
Truly Innovative Electronics
Amongst numerous press releases of new products received by us, these are the ones we found worthy of the title Truly Innovative Electronics
TRENDS: A Quick Look At Free Platforms And Libraries For Quantum Machine Learning
Quantum computing, due to its ability to calculate at an immense speed, has the potential to solve many problems that classical computers find difficult to address. Quantum machine learning, or QML, is a new field that explores the intersection between quantum computing and machine learning. Several libraries and platforms facilitate the development of QML algorithms and applications. A few popular ones are discussed in this article
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May 2024
Issue Vol. 56 No. 5

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