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July  2022   Issue Vol. 54  No. 7 

FUTURE: Make The Metaverse Work For You
The metaverse is in the making—an exciting new universe that melds real and virtual worlds, opening up totally unexplored opportunities. Although it has its origins in gaming, it is going to be a gamechanger in fields ranging from education and fitness to marketing and healthcare. Here is a look at some of the impactful applications of the metaverse

INTERVIEW: “We Will Have A Group Of Such Satellites Monitoring The Earth On Daily Basis” — Suyash Singh, Co-Founder & CEO, GalaxEye
GalaxEye, an IIT Madras incubated space tech startup, aims to send a constellation of satellites equipped with their proprietary sensor called Drishti into space. Suyash Singh, Co-Founder and CEO of GalaxEye, talks about the startup’s journey so far and their plans for the near future. Here are some extracts from his conversation with EFY’s Aaryaa Padhyegurjar
CIRCUIT IDEA: Security Alarm For Two-Wheelers
This simple security alarm circuit can help you secure your bike or scooter. It raises an alarm if someone tries to drive away your two-wheeler. You just need to connect the circuit to the vehicle’s wheel (preferably front wheel) through a thin flexible wire that can break easily
CAREER: A Guide To A Career In Embedded Systems
Embedded systems serve as a bridge between the traditional hardware and software. With artificial intelligence (AI), edge computing, and other advancements, the embedded systems are experiencing meteoric growth with many vast and interdisciplinary sub-fields. So, the term Embedded Systems means different to different people in the industry. This article will help gain some important perspectives about this field and understand the nitty-gritty involved
MANUFACTURING: Open Source Business Models: How Beneficial They Are
The world is moving towards deploying more open source solutions, but are businesses adopting open source in proportion to the way these solutions are being deployed? If yes, are there any proven business models that can help open source companies sustain themselves? Should new companies (startups) venture out in the world of open source
SKILL DEVELOPMENT: Skilling In 5G Technology Holds A Great Promise
India is at the threshold of a big revolution as the highly-anticipated 5G network is finally taking shape in the country. But do we recognise the potential it holds for the electronics industry? And are we getting ready the biggest asset at our disposal—the manpower—at the required speed? Is it possible to take our rightful place in this world without the skilled manpower
Startups and Innovators
• Safe Drinking Water For Urban India
• Security That Helps Organisations Adapt To IoT With Confidence
• Tenstorrent’s Unique Approach To AI Hardware And Software
CIRCUIT: Select The Right Energy Harvester For Your Next Embedded Project
Stand-alone ambient energy harvesting has become an important issue in the world of Internet of Things and medical implants, where batteries cannot be relied upon for long-time use. Here are some solutions that are emerging. But you need to select the right one for your application
IoT: 15 Things To Remember While Selecting An IoT Platform
How to compare the IoT platforms available in the market and select the right platform? Let us take a look at some of the platforms available in the market and their features and see the selection guide presented in this article
INTERVIEW: “The Market Is Now Shifting To Large-Size TFT Displays In The Automotive Segment” — Rei Tjoeng, Sharp Devices
The adoption of LCD technology in vehicular displays has happened quite quickly and smart displays have by now pretty much replaced the mechanical dashboards of yesteryears in cars. In an interview with our team, Rei Tjoeng from Sharp Devices revealed some interesting information regarding automotive-grade LCDs, the recent trends, and specific characteristics that make some LCD displays different from the others available in the market
PROJECT: Object Detection And Classification Using Edge Impulse On Raspberry Pi
If machines could recognise objects the way human beings do, it would be quite interesting. Object detection is a trending topic nowadays. So let us make an object detection camera that can do live classification of objects and people, and every activity is displayed live on web using an IP address
PROJECT: MagSafe Enabled Wireless Power Bank
MagSafe, a magnetic technology embedded into the internal engineering of iPhone 12 model, was originally created as a safety feature for MacBook charging cords. It creates a new ecosystem of accessories for easy attachment and faster wireless charging
PROJECT: An LED Globe That Blinks When ISS Passes Overhead
If you are a space enthusiast and like to look at the stars, chances are you are already familiar with the ISS. The ISS, or International Space Station, revolves around the earth six times each day. If you are interested in the ISS, like the author who is an aerospace engineering student, you will love this project
Download source code
Research and Innovation Updates
• Will the new p-computers replace traditional computers?
• MIT engineers build a LEGO-like AI chip
• These synaptic transistors can sense pain
• A pacemaker that can dissolve in the body after use
• Engineers develop a tiny remote-controlled robot crab
INTERVIEW: “QNu Labs And India Will Be The Go-To Place For Quantum Cybersecurity” — Sunil Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO, QNu Labs
We live in a digital world that’s heavily dependent on the internet, and yet, many of our cybersecurity methods are pretty juvenile. QNu Labs, pronounced as Q-New, is India’s only quantum-tech cybersecurity company, and it is trying to lead the quantum mission for India. Sunil Gupta, Co-founder & CEO of QNu Labs, explains the need to reimagine cybersecurity in interview with EFY
TRENDS: Open RAN: The Future Of Networking
Technology is constantly evolving and at a much faster pace than anyone could have anticipated a few decades ago. Telecommunication industry is no different and, with 4G and its capabilities, it has already proven that. Read on to understand what open radio access network (RAN) brings to the table as the world welcomes 5G
AUTOMATION: Assessing Open Source Solutions For Deployment
Open source is mainstream now. It has proved its mettle as more and more organisations are adopting OSS. But how can you assess and analyse whether the solution you are interested in is the right fit for your organisation
OPPORTUNITY: Opportunities And Challenges For Drones In The Mining Sector
The Centre has introduced ‘The Drone Rules, 2021’ to regulate the use and operation of drones in India. It is safe to say that drones are heralded to bring about major changes in modernising various sectors in the country. A glimpse of it can already be seen with how fast it has transformed agriculture in the country, which has inadvertently resulted in various new agri-tech companies coming up. The mining sector is envisioned to increase the GDP contribution in India from 1.75% to 2.5% in the financial year 2022-23. However, one of the setbacks that the industry faces is its trepidation to adopt newer, faster technologies. Mining companies have realised how drones, as miniaturised flying machines, help the industry not only save time and money but also provide access to the inaccessible, besides having a lasting impact on safety and health regulations in the mining sector
CIRCUIT IDEA: LEDs’ Light Intensity Controller Based On PWM Technique
This article describes how a simple circuit can be designed to control the intensity of a string of LEDs. The circuit is based on a common 555 timer IC that employs pulse width modulation (PWM) technique to control the voltage. The 555 IC is driven in an astable mode. The same circuit can be used to control the speed of a DC motor as well
Key Industry Trends That Can Shape The Future Of Your Business
Truly Innovative Electronics
Amongst numerous press releases of new products received by us, these are the ones we found worthy of the title Truly Innovative Electronics
Industry News: Industry Updates
• MeitY forms an advisory board to help meet manufacturing targets
• MAIT holds discussion with industry to leverage PLI-driven growth
• Rajasthan government releases its electric vehicle policy
• ICEA writes to Central government over indiscriminate ED actions
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July 2022
Issue Vol. 54 No. 7

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