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June  2024   Issue Vol. 56  No. 6 

INVENTORY: Deadstock Or Forgotten Treasure?
In a world where technology is advancing at a breakneck speed, are the deadstock electronics components in your warehouse on the verge of becoming obsolete relics?

TRENDS: RISC-V Market Trends And Predictions Till 2030
Big players are turning to RISC-V, with plans for integration already in motion. Its adaptability in tailoring ISA extensions suits specific solutions in AI silicon development and multi-core SoC designs. Gaining momentum, RISC-V is challenging norms and democratising cutting-edge tech
INTERVIEW: “Detecting Defects Through Our In-Circuit Test Significantly Reduces The Cost Of Product Testing” — Jun Balangue, Business Development and Product Manager, Keysight Technologies
Keysight is best known for its bench-top test equipment, but it also offers in-circuit testing (ICT) solutions. To gain a deeper understanding of ICT, and its technological advancements, EFY editorial team interviewed Jun Balangue, Business Development and Product Manager, Keysight Technologies
INTERVIEW: “We Aim To Boost Skills, Spark Innova­tion, And Fuel The Growth Of India’s Electronics Manufacturing Sector” — Prof. Nilesh Badwe, IIT Kanpur
Everyone advises industry and academia to collaborate, but such partnerships are rare. IIT Kanpur and NMTronics have recently partnered to train professionals in electronics manufacturing. What will this lab look like? What are its goals and plans? Electronics For You’s Akanksha spoke to Prof. Nilesh Badwe, Professor-In-Charge of the NMTronics Centre of Excellence for Electronics Manufacturing and Skills Development, IIT Kanpur, and here are the key extracts from their interaction
Key Industry Trends That Can Shape The Future Of Your Business
Startups and Innovators
• IP67 Chargers At The Cost Of IP20 Chargers
• Setting Up Plant For Motors That Deliver 97% Efficiency
• A Cloud-Based Approach To Build Better Batteries
Truly Innovative Electronics
Amongst numerous press releases of new products received by us, these are the ones we found worthy of the title Truly Innovative Electronics
New Products
• Components & Chips
• Embedded
• Manufacturing Equipment
• Test & Measurement
INTERVIEW: “Our Focus Is Primarily On Bharat Rather Than India” — Chakravarthi C, MD, Quantum Energy
While numerous electric two-wheeler brands are thriving in Tier 1 and Tier 2 regions of India, Quantum Energy, supported by Kusalava International, contends that the real growth lies in Tier 3, 4, and beyond regions in Bharat. How does this emerging player in the electric two-wheeler market pose a challenge to the established giants? Let’s hear from Chakravarthi C, MD of Quantum Energy
INTERVIEW: “We At Delta Focus On Chargers With Multiple Dispensing Guns” — Manjula Girish, Senior Director, Delta Electronics India
As hybrid vehicle sales gain momentum in both the United States and India, the electric vehicle market finds itself under a veil of uncertainty once more. How does Delta, one of the earliest players in the EV charging segment, view the current developments. Manjula Girish, Senior Director, Delta Electronics India shares her view with EFY’s Mukul Yudhveer Singh!
PROJECT: The Smallest GPS Tracker Ever
Global positioning system (GPS)-based tracking is one of the most important technologies in today’s world, which is very useful from parcel updates to navigation and many different fields of human life. However, if one wants to track small items, baggage, children’s locations, or spy on someone, a very small and compact-sized tracker is often needed, which can easily be attached without taking up much space. Here, a small-sized GPS tracker is described, which can be used as a keyring or attached as a tag to children’s bags to track them, or attached to the neck of animals, vehicles, parcels, or any person for tracking
Research & Innovation Updates
• Technologies for off-road autonomous driving
• Breakthrough in making sodium batteries commercially
• A step towards cost-effective, environment-friendly Li-ion batteries
• Hydrogen storage capacity quadrupled
• World’s first 60GHz mmWave antenna for ISM applications
MY STORY: Breathing Through “First-Time Silicon Success” — Chitra Hariharan, Renesas India
No one is born a leader, but the choices we make in life propel us to become a leader. For Chitra Hariharan, an innocent fascination for electronic appliances, which were slowly entering the Indian markets then, pushed her to make it big into the miniaturising world of electronics. With four successful silicon and electronics product startup exits, Chitra has led the chip design ecosystem for 35 years, contributing to almost 125 semiconductor products. She dreamed of making a difference and dared to choose the unconventional path, never giving up on an opportunity—she seized it and ran with it. This is Chitra Hariharan’s story as narrated to EFY’s Yashasvini Razdan
FUTURE: Energy Storage Solution Enters Iron Age (Part 2)
After exploring the working principles and general design features of iron-air batteries in Part 1, in this ongoing series we delve into the unique advantages and innovations that make iron-air batteries a standout choice for sustainable energy storage
INTERVIEW: “In Vehicle Finance, Understanding The Details Of The Vehicle And Battery’s Condition And Usage Is Key To Ac­curately Assessing Risk” — Dev Arora, Co-founder and CEO, ALT Mobility
Not driving a petrol or diesel-powered vehicle for a few weeks will not harm the engine. However, electric vehicles left idle for the same period without periodic charging can become inoperative. Dev Arora, Co-founder and CEO of ALT Mobility, highlights this as a primary challenge in financing commercial electric vehicles
TECHNOLOGY: Thermal Cameras: Game-Changers In Making Roads Safer
By integrating these smart cameras into cars, we are looking at a future with fewer pedestrian accidents and safer streets for everyone
CIRCUIT: Interesting Reference Designs Of Audio Amplifiers

SEMICON: AI And IoT: Redefining Semiconductor Development
Uncover the driving forces behind the semiconductor revolution—how AI slashes human error, unearths untapped revenue streams, and underscores the pivotal role of customisation with domain-specific chipsets
PROJECT: Voice-Controlled Obstacle-Avoiding Robot Using Bluetooth And Arduino Uno
The smart rover is a versatile robotic platform equipped with Bluetooth and voice control capabilities. The obstacle avoidance mechanism, facilitated by sensors, enables the smart rover to navigate autonomously, avoiding collisions with objects in its path
CIRCUIT IDEA: Sawtooth Wave Generator
A sawtooth waveform is a type of linear, non-sinusoidal waveform with a triangular shape in which the rise time and fall time are different. A pure triangular waveform is also linear and non-sinusoidal, but it has equal rise and fall times. The sawtooth waveform can also be called an asymmetric triangular wave
PROJECT: Smart Switch For Agriculture Irrigation
This smart switch system comprises an Arduino board with a GSM module that is remotely controlled by a smartphone. Through this adaptive technology, users can easily monitor the working condition and operational mode of machinery used on their farms from any location, rather than traveling long distances to the field under unfavourable conditions. The main objective is to provide convenience to the farmers
PROJECT: GPS Tracker With Arduino
A GPS (global positioning system) tracker utilises satellite signals to accurately determine the location of an object or person in real time. Originally developed by the United States Department of Defense for military applications, GPS technology has become widely accessible for civilian use. GPS trackers consist of hardware and software components that work together to receive signals from GPS satellites, calculate precise coordinates, and transmit this information to a central server or user device
Industry News: Industry Updates
• 17 of 27 PLI for IT hardware approved companies to begin production in 2024
• India plans to increase local value addition to 40%
• IIT Madras startup set to launch first Designed-in-India chip
• Apple India sales grow amid overall decline in sales in Q1
• Tata Electronics exports Made-in-India chip samples
Electroons 2.0
Some stunning cartoons
CIRCUIT IDEA: Multi Switch Control Buzzer/Appliance
Many electronics enthusiasts enjoy designing customised control circuits. Here, we explore an interesting circuit that enables a single buzzer/appliance through multiple switches that may be located in different areas or rooms
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June 2024
Issue Vol. 56 No. 6

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