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October  2021   Issue Vol. 53  No. 10 

TRENDS: India’s Electrification Dream Rides On Getting Multiple Pieces Right
Instead of focusing on electric cars, India seems to be focusing on manufacturing electric two- and three-wheelers so far. But what are the hurdles being faced in selling these vehicles, which formed just one percent of the overall vehicle sales last fiscal year? And, more important, how to overcome the hurdles and make use of the opportunity? Read on to find out

CAREER: Five R’s For The Future Of Mobility: Reimagine, Refocus, Reskill, Rebuild, Reuse
The EV sector in India is seeing massive investments rolling in, given the surge in demand for it. Here’s how we can prepare for the disruption in the automotive sector, and tap into opportunities created in the post Covid-19 era
SYSTEMS: Impact Of Transforming Changes In Vehicle Architecture
Smart mobility will change the way we commute, and with this the hardware and software associated with the vehicle will also revolutionise. Here is an expert opinion on how the automotive trends will affect the vehicle architecture
CIRCUITS: Emerging Trends In Gate Driver ICs
Find out the latest advancements in the gate driver ICs and how these technologies help develop more reliable power converters
TRENDS: Last Mile Electric Mobility In The Midst of Disruption
Last mile mobility is a solution that effortlessly fits into one’s lifestyle, and today’s electric last mile solutions combine integrated deep data analytics, customisation, and sustainable engineering. In this article, some necessary aspects are discussed that are necessary for accelerating adoption of electric mobility in India
TRENDS: Connected Mobility Adoption: Advances And Challenges
Smart vehicle technology has changed the way we look at mobility and has taken the world by storm. How can India jump onto the bandwagon? Do we have a smarter role to play? Here are some expert opinions on the challenges faced in the adoption of connected mobility in India, and how we can tackle them
AUTOMOTIVE: Autonomous Vehicle Safety Adversities And Confronting Techniques
Inspite of sensors such as lidars offering an inventive approach to detecting anomalies while driving an autonomous vehicle, does vehicle intelligence extend to other unforeseen challenges to ensure complete vehicle safety?
STRATEGY: The Way Ahead For IoT Startups: Collaboration And Co-Creation
Unless startups in the IoT ecosystem give their customers 4x to 5x return on investment, their solutions will not be adopted widely. It is better to realise this in the pre-stages of developing a solution than after burning money. So, they should spend time with the customer. More the time spent more is the understanding developed on what the customer really wants to achieve. Read on for more of such valuable advice
INTERVIEW: “Startups Should Look At Signing NDAs With Big Organisations” — Vinay Shenoy, Managing Director, Infineon Technologies India
Vinay Shenoy, MD, Infineon Technologies India, in a conversation with Electronics For You’s Mukul Yudhveer Singh, shares how Infineon selects and works with tech startups of the country. Plus, he shares advice on how they can protect their IP. Here are some more interesting excerpts from the conversation...
OPPORTUNITIES: ATMPs: The Founding Stone Of India’s Semiconductor Era
India has missed the semiconductor bus more than once in the past but with the likes of the United States, South Korea, and Taiwan announcing investments worth more than $200 billion, the opportunity has once again come knocking on the doors. The semiconductors that these countries fabricate will need to be tested and packaged. Is India ready to grab this opportunity? India is best suited as a country for ATMPs and OSATs because of its design capabilities
POLICIES: Electronics & PLI Schemes: Gaps That Need To Be Filled
Electronics manufacturing seems to be attracting the highest share amongst production linked incentive (PLI) schemes announced so far. On offer are incentives of more than 900 billion rupees (approx. $12 billion), but are these schemes truly equipped to make India aatmanirbhar (self-reliant), or are there gaps that need to be filled? Is there room for accommodating and encouraging India based companies?
Remote Controlled Toy Car Demystified
A remote controlled (RC) car has two small DC motors with tiny gear boxes, one to spin the rear wheels and the other to steer the front wheels. Communication between the car and its hand-held remote control is through a 27MHz radio link
Industry News: Industry Updates
• PLI for white goods receives 52 applications
• PLI scheme for drone and automobile sectors approved
• IT hardware PLI tenure likely to be extended amid chip shortage
• 33 companies shortlisted for Telecom PLI, 3 rejected
• Mobile phones worth 46 billion rupees exported in Q1 FY21
USB 20W COB LED Table Lamp
Most table lamps available in the market do not provide sufficient light to read small-size letters and fonts, especially those found on electronic components. This 20-watt chip-on board (COB) LED table lamp gives sufficient light of about 270 lumens brightness. Each COB actually has several LED (light emitting diode) chips mounted together on the same substrate, which is often ceramic or metal
Simple Oxygen Concentrator You Can Assemble At Home
In the present world, highly affected by pandemic, there is a huge spike in Covid-19 infection cases in many places. With limited resources the fight against Covid-19 virus is an unexpected challenge for the whole world. As we all saw, arranging oxygen cylinders for loved ones became a difficult task a few months ago in India. The patients and their close relatives suffered badly, instead of providing moral support to the patients, when they could not arrange oxygen cylinders
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Your Suggestions
Simple Liquid Dispenser For Bottling Plants
Automated liquid filler machines are used to pack various liquid items such as oils, milk, and beverages in their bottling plants. But these machines are costly and not affordable by most small bottlers. This simple liquid dispenser releases a litre of the liquid each time the button is pressed
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Smart Musical Bell That Identifies The Person
Musical bell is the choice of many over ding-dong type bell or door-lens for which you have to go to the door to look out. An IoT based smart musical bell can be rung through the conventional bell switch as well as by a motion detector sensor like an infrared (IR) sensor, passive infrared (PIR) sensor, or ultrasonic sensor, and even through a mobile phone
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Cool Stuff: Simple Solar Daylight Lamp Based On Solar Energy Harnessing For Apartments
Roof-top solar photovoltaic (PV) installations are gaining popularity. Usually these are grid connected systems. Their power levels range from one kilowatt to a few tens of kilowatts. These are being installed on the roofs of small buildings, office buildings, individual houses, and bungalows, etc. Even in apartment complexes, on the roofs of the apartment buildings big solar systems are being installed. The power generated by this system is used for common area lighting, lifts, etc, in that apartment complex (net metering)
IoT Based Automated Table Lamp
This is an IoT based table lamp that works in such a way that whenever a person sits on the chair it automatically turns on and when the person leaves the chair it automatically turns off. It also has bed-time alert feature to indicate it’s time to sleep when it turns off the lamp automatically and gives ‘Time to Sleep’ notification on your mobile phone. You can also manually control the lamp on/off from the Blynk app in your smartphone
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Key Industry Trends That Can Shape The Future Of Your Business
Truly Innovative Tech
Amongst numerous press releases of new products received by us, these are the ones we found worthy of the title Truly Innovative Tech
MY STORY: “Life, Electronics, Cricket, And Semiconductors Demand Perfect Timing” — K. Krishna Moorthy, CEO, India Electronics & Semiconductor Association (IESA)
Most of us don’t know who designed India’s first ASIC. And, ironically, the person who designed the ASIC that went into production in tens of thousands didn’t realise it either, until he was told by his peers that it was the first ASIC to be designed produced in volumes. Though he does not say so, he was perhaps one of the persons who persuaded National Semiconductor to establish an R&D lab in India, the first outside the USA for them.
This is K. Krishna Moorthy’s story as told to EFY’s Mukul Yudhveer Singh! He believes in perfect timing like the stroke play in cricket! Right now Krishna is busy planning and scripting the roadmap to make India a semiconductor powerhouse
IoT On The Eyes: To Control Home Appliances
Have you ever thought of controlling electric/electronic home appliances by simply looking at them? Could happen in movies but seems impossible in real life. Well, no more. Here is perhaps world’s first device that lets you switch on or switch off any electric/electronic appliance with the blink of your eyes. This cool IoT device would also help specially-abled people to independently control such appliances
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Tech News: Technology Updates
• Bifacial solar cells that produce 30% more power
• AI system-on-chip that runs on solar power
• High-sensitivity magnetic sensor for better image diagnosis
• Smart clothing that incorporates conductive fibres
• Nano-camera for real-time monitoring of chemical reactions
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July 2022
Issue Vol. 54 No. 7

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