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October  2022   Issue Vol. 54  No. 10 

INNOVATION: 3D Printing Emerging As Game-Changer In Many Industries
Even as designers’ creativity comes alive with 3D-printed clothes and jewellery at a fashion show, elsewhere in the world a cancer-ridden bird stays alive with a 3D-printed bill, and a new-born child gets a new lease on life with a 3D-printed skull. Indeed, the emerging applications of 3D printing are awe-inspiring and packed with hope

INDIA: What The US Chips Act Means For India?
India needs to move fast to capture the opportunity that this new world order in semiconductors is creating. In the end, strategy combined with strategic relationships and execution will be the key to success
R&D: My Impression Of India’s 2-Wheeler EV Industry
Recently, I was part of a panel discussion related to the EV industry. It was interesting to observe the EV industry terrain, especially the leadership of the 2-wheeler industry. Here are my observations and views, which are purely personal
TRENDS: How Lidar Is Enabling Autonomous Drones
Lidar, which stands for light detection and ranging, is a remote sensing method that uses light in the form of a pulsed laser to measure variable distances to the Earth. These light pulses—combined with other data recorded by the airborne system—generate precise, three-dimensional information about the shape of the Earth and its surface characteristics. The information can be highly useful, as described below
Key Industry Trends That Can Shape The Future Of Your Business
Startups & Innovators
• Program GPUs On The Fly!
• India’s Own AI Powered Security System
• Bringing Natural Autonomy On-Board
New Products
• Components
• T&M Instruments
• Enterprise Class
• Boards and Modules
• Software and Tools
Research & Innovation Updates
• A silicon image sensor that can compute
• Smart hearing aids capable of lip reading
• Drones being revamped to simulate bird flight
• Researchers create remote-controlled cyborg cockroaches
• 3D-printed light-sensitive device to help people with lupus
From You
Your Suggestions and Things You Wanted To Know
SUCCESS: Can Earthquakes, Tsunamis, And Volcano Eruptions Be Predicted Well In Advance Now?
An experimental setup running in India was able to detect ionospheric changes that were associated with the volcanic eruption that occurred on 15th January this year in Tonga. The precursor nature could be observed as early as four weeks starting 17th December last year!
MY STORY: “I Became An Accidental Engineer” — Vinod Dham, An Indian-American Engineer, Entrepreneur, And Venture Capitalist
Hailing from a middle-class, partition-affected family, reaching the USA only with eight dollars in his pocket, building a multi-billion dollar business as the ‘Father of the Pentium Chips,’ Vinod Dham—an Indian-American engineer, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist—continues his fearless journey. In a conversation with Sudeshna Das, consulting editor at EFY, he shares the story of his life
INTERVIEW: “Investments In Developing Capabilities To Manufacture In India Are A Big Roadblock That Holds Us Back” — V. Balasubramani, CEO, Tescom
One of the earliest pioneers in the EMS sector, Tescom has witnessed the evolution of the Indian electronics industry through many ups and downs. Electronics For You interacted with V. Balasubramani, the CEO of Tescom, to understand the current trends shaping India’s EMS sector, challenges faced, and the outlook for their future
CIRCUIT: What Not To Miss While Developing Wearable Tech
When wearables first came out, fitness trackers and smartwatches dominated the market. With so many fresh and inventive products being developed, this is no longer the case. As complexities and user requirements increase, the most pressing decision for any designer is the selection of a controller
CIRCUIT IDEA: A Special Switch For The Specially Abled
Specially Abled persons, without hands or feet, often find it difficult to switch on an appliance. This switch can come to their rescue. It can be operated with a torch light or a laser light by those who are unable to use their feet, and with a footswitch by those who are unable to use their hands, to operate home appliances, fixtures, toys, learning devices, and other gadgets
PROJECT: How To Use Your Phone As A Thermal Camera
Thermal cameras, or thermal accessories, are useful for thermal scanning based fault detection, thermal throttle analysis, thermal monitoring, and many other purposes. Thermal scanning is also used in monitoring the temperature of furnaces or boilers, or for analysing body temperature without physical contact—like detection of Covid-19 in a person
Download source code
PROJECT: A Futuristic Wearable Health Monitoring Ring
While working on an IoT based data acquisition system using health monitoring sensors, we started visualising this health monitoring system, which could be worn like an ornament in our day to day life. We thought, what if it’s a smart device that can store real-time data, creating a platform for both monitoring and evaluation for a doctor while we are in our home itself. It could have an SOS feature, which is one of the main issues in India where people are unable to contact hospitals or doctors well in time
Download source code
PROJECT: Voice Based Home Automation System
This project presents a voice based home automation system that can be used by differently abled people, geriatrics, and the others to control home appliances and thus convert a non-smart home into a smart home. To achieve this in a simple way, Amazon Echo is used to communicate with the circuit to control the appliances
Download source code
INNOVATION: Why Do We Need Metal 3D Printers?
Metal 3D printing can be used in a wide variety of industries includding automotive, electronics, space, and defence. The use of metal 3D printing in designing antennas can change how we design and manufacture antennas for communication applications
CIRCUIT IDEA: A Simple Battery Charger With Overcharge Protection
This simple battery charger, with overcharge protection, can be used to charge multiple cells in a battery. It indicates when the cells are fully charged. The charger requires minimal components, which can be procured easily
CIRCUIT IDEA: A Basic Voltage To Frequency Converter
A proven way to send an analogue signal a long distance is to transport the signal as a frequency using a voltage to frequency converter (VFC), a special circuit whose output is a frequency that is proportional to its input voltage
Truly Innovative Electronics
Amongst numerous press releases of new products received by us, these are the ones we found worthy of the title Truly Innovative Electronics
INTERVIEW: “Machine Vision For Object Manipulation Had To Be Treated Differently” — Gokul N.A. And Nikhil Ramaswamy, Co-founders, CynLr
When we look at an object, our brain immediately knows how to pick it up—whether to use a hand, or just fingers, or both the hands! This sort of intelligence is lacking in current robotic systems. CynLr, a Bengaluru based robotics deep-tech startup, is now solving this problem using a unique approach. In an interview with EFY, Gokul N.A. and Nikhil Ramaswamy, Co-founders of CynLr, talk about how they are working towards achieving such visual object intelligence for industrial robots
Industry News: Industry Updates
• NITI Aayog announces PLI beneficiaries for electronics manufacturing
• Patent applications surge with the ‘Aatmanirbharta’ push
• $300 billion Indian electronics manufacture likely by FY2026
• Market for refurbished smartphones and repairs likely to boom
• Stocks surge as Army issues tenders for drones, guns, missiles
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November 2022
Issue Vol. 54 No. 11

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